Investing-Wealth Creation


Weather your looking to buy your first investment property or exchange a portfolio to a large commercial property, we can assist you in the process.  Our team of highly skilled real estate experts are also avid and experienced investors.  Our Broker Norman Sinai has an extensive background in investment real estate from single family rehabbing and flipping, trustee sale auction investing to a broad knowledge base of commercial and real estate finance.  Norman is a residential & commercial broker & investor himself, as well as a licensed residential & commercial mortgage broker.

With a broad knowledge base, and vast resources in the investment real estate world, Norman can guide you in just about any investment real estate transaction.  As a mortgage broker, he has close relationships with some of the largest lenders, strong & intimate knowledge of many markets across the U.S. and is experienced in analysis & underwriting of investment & commercial real estate.

Contact Norman today to discuss your investment strategy & tap into his resources and insight for wealth creation in real estate investing.


Norman is a CCIM designation candidate, and manages multiple commercial properties within the Bay Area.