Short sales- Getting approvals requires this one practice !

Today I have received approvals on 3 of my short sale listings I have offers on. This comes after months of consistent & diligent follow up & negotiating in all cases. The one thing I can say that all of these banks have in common, is they dont have anything in common. Some banks have a mandatory waiting period for the short sale to be assigned to a negotiator once they receive an offer, some will not let you correspond with the negotiator, some will start from the very beginning of the process if the buyer changes a single term that affects the banks net- or if a new buyer is brought in to replace the old buyer that may have dropped out due to a lack of patience.
The bottom line is, If your doing a short sale, the best thing that I have seen agents doing isnt any kind of negotiating, but one single thing that makes a huge difference. Counseling the buyers on the time required to get an approval & an understanding of the patience & process required to get the job done. Hats off to the agents that take the time to counsel their buyers & the buyers that understand the patience required. If you have questions on the short sale process, contact me today.
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